How to Prevent Toe Fungus

Many people are usually not concerned when their nail turn yellow, but this is not a good thing to do. Half of all nail discoloration is caused by the fungus, which can sometimes be tricky to treat. It can even harder to fight off fungal infections when you are taking certain medication or if you have a compromised immune system. The is why it is important to learn ways to prevent them. The good news is that the nail fungus can be prevented using these simple steps.

The infection will start as a yellow or white spot at the tip of the toenail, and then start to work their way under the nail bed – this is a moist and dark environment that proves to be the perfect breeding ground for fungus. From there, the symptoms of an infected nail can include yellow, white, or brown streaks, nail crumbling, and thickening of the nail. If you see these symptoms, you should consider seeking treatment. There are many treatment options out there; the first is going to the doctor and getting a prescription, or making your remedy at home. Below are some simple tips you can use in preventing toenail fungus.

Keep your hands and feet dry

Molds and fungus thrive in dark, wet places. You should always ensure the skin between the toes are dry after you take a shower. Rubber gloves and pantyhose can create a perfect environment for fungus to grow. This is why it is important to alternate days between wearing gloves or tights and leaving them to air overnight. Always change your socks immediately after you finish exercising to ensure that your hands and feet are as dry as possible. You should also sprinkle antibacterial foot powder in your shoes and your feet.

Wash socks with disinfectants

Take a capful of liquid disinfectant and add it to the final rinse cycle of socks and pantyhose to help in destroying the fungus. You can also soak the hose in disinfectant solutions before you can start washing them.

Soak your digits in weak acid

If you notice some spots forming on your nail, then you need to do something about it. Take one part vinegar, and five parts water then soak your nails in the solution. This will help because fungus cannot survive in an acidic environment.

Protect the nails from trauma

It is not that you always bump into things on purpose, but it is important to be extra careful. When you stub your toe, it can cut the toenail bed and give fungus an opening. This is the same as biting or chewing nails, so always keep your nails out of your mouth. When buying shoes, only buy those that have enough room for you longest toe to wiggle. You should also avoid rough bristles when scrubbing your feet with a brush.

Strengthen your immune system

You are more susceptible to fungal infections when you have a weakened immune system. Find a way to strengthen your immune system. Some of the common ways to do this are managing your stress, eating the right diet, exercising, having enough sleep, etc.

Saline Solution Foot Soak

saline solution will provide a hostile environment for fungus, soften the skin to enable antifungal medicine to penetrate deeper, and decrease excess perspiration. Take two teaspoons of salt per pint of water and soak your feet in it for 5 to ten minutes.

Avoid snipping

The cuticle is a scar tissue- and the final defense against bacteria and fungus entering through the nail bed. When you snip it, you will be removing the defense and leaving yourself vulnerable to infection and fungus, and you will feel painful. It will also come back heavier and heavier every time you do it.

Practice safe mani-pedis

Salons can be a hotbed for fungus because they deal with different feet every day. There is a chance that there is a person who has come there recently and had toenail fungus. Before you can start using a salon, ask them how they prevent toenail fungus. Some of the common answers you should expect are that they open a new set of tools for each customer, and they line the pedicure tubs with a new plastic protector every time.

Preventing toenail fungus is not as hard as it may seem. go here to learn more.  You will need to observe your hygiene and always keep your feet dry.